About ApeLabs UK

All LSA Lighting products are supplied directly by Ape Labs GmbH of Germany.

Ape Labs are leading global producers of innovative LED lighting solutions designed with musicians, DJs and events companies in mind. Their range is characterised by reliable battery technology as well as carefully considered charging options including pelicase charging and portable battery bank options.

All Ape Labs products are designed to work within their own enclosed data universe. This can be controlled using the ApeLabs Connect DMX driver, remote control, or the IOS and Android App. User-friendly interfaces were produced to enable both professional and at-home or hobby users to achieve beautiful and intuitive lighting solutions anywhere.

LSA have worked with Ape Labs as their UK technical and sales representatives since 2017. We hold working sample stock of the core product range for in-house and mobile demonstrations.

APELight Maxi V2

APELight Mini V2


Lightcan V2

APECoin V2

APEStick V2 L & XL

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Pelicases and Charging