LightCan V2

LightCan was the first ApeLabs invention, inspiring and powering the current range of products. A proven favourite for thousands of users for mobile, domestic, and hospitality users. The bright battery powered lamp is the size of a drinks can and holds enough power for 11 hours on a single charge. LightCans come equipped with classic 15° wash lens and easy-change 65° optical beam head.

Lighting modules can be purchased in tour packs of 12 units housed in either pelicases, or flightcases. Flightcases and pelicases are great for protecting lighting equipment on-the-go and both have capability for automatic in-case charging from a single power source.  Additionally lights can be sold in single units as well as twin and quad packs; perfect for single-site users.

Diverse Uses

Lightcan V2 is an agile and robust mobile lighting element, with the same powerful RGBW+ LED as your favourite ApeLabs block uplights. LightCans are more portable than ever with quick change optics and accessories.

Long Battery Life

The LightCan V2 shines for at least 11 hours at full brightness. If that’s not enough, you can use the Ape Labs app in conjunction with the CONNECT to swap brightness for battery life!

Easy Handling

All Ape Labs lamps can be controlled using the remote control for a fast and straightforward setup or using the iOS & Android app in with CONNECT unit for compete professional control. 

  • Compact lightweight unit 12.5cm x 5.5cm and <0.5kg
  • 2.4 GHz wireless compatibility
  • Up to 4000Hz PWM
  • 545 Lm luminous flux
  • 1 x RGBW+ LED bulbs
  • up to 65° beam angle with optional optics
  • Aircraft grade aluminium body
  • Threaded base for secure mounting
  • Minimum 10 hours wireless battery life
  • IP65 rated

For full technical specifications please download the data sheet.

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