ApeLight Mini V2 Tube

The ApeLight Mini V2 Tube is the latest invention by ApeLabs. The tube system combines the popular compact Mini V2 uplighter with a 1m diffusing light tube for a versatile lighting solution for any space. The Mini V2 Tube has the same compact weight and dimensions as the original Mini V2, with the same powerful single LED bulb and 10 hour battery life..

The Mini V2 Tube system is comprised of a ApeLight Mini unit with threaded supporting X brace and 1m long lightweight thermoformed polycarbonate tube with branded aluminium end caps. The Tube is securely threaded into the galvanized steel X brace on face of the lighting unit and can be easily removed for storage and transport.

Diverse Uses

The ApeLight Mini V2 Tube is the latest addition to the lighting ranges from ApeLabs with dynamic use as both an uplighter and atmospheric profile lighting.

Long Battery Life

The ApeLight Mini V2 shines for at least 10 hours at full brightness with new features for 0-100% dimming capability. Whether static colours or programs it is 100% reliable.

Easy Handling

All Ape Labs lamps can be controlled using the remote control for a fast and straightforward setup or using the iOS & Android app in with CONNECT unit for compete professional control. 

  • Compact unit 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 4.8cm and 0.7kg (106.2cm and 1.1kg with Tube.
  • 2.4 GHz wireless compatibility
  • Up to 4000Hz PWM
  • Flicker free for video recording
  • 1635 Lm luminous flux
  • 1 x RGBW+ LED bulb
  • Scratch resistant acrylic glass face and stainless steel housing with robust polycarbonate tube.
  • Pre-installed mounting bracket and threaded tube base for security
  • Minimum 10 hours wireless battery life
  • IP65 rated

For full technical specifications please download the data sheet.

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